Girls Soccer Messages

Linda Garrett – Y’all are a great team who work wonderful together. Keep up the teamwork! Way to go Ellen Kate!
Kitty Briscoe
– We are so proud of you, Anna!!
Merry Henry –
Zoe you are an amazing motivator to all those around you! Keep on following your dreams. Love you Mimi and Papi
Arlicia Biggers-Dotson
– Way to go, Amani!
Kristina Boardman
– Go Huskies!
Trina Friedlund
– Good luck Huskies!!! From Sam’s club #8123
Diane Thomas
– Wish Ava & Team NORTH great success!
Yolanda Sowders
– Proud of you Rylei! Go Lady Huskies!
Erin Aunet – We are so proud of your hard work Mia!
Kim Lin
– Go Huskies!
Andrew Briscoe
– Go Huskies!
Chad Will – Go Lady Huskies!
Holly Bezy
– Go get em, Anna!!! Proud of you, girlie!!
Terry Watson – Good luck Anna!
Pamela Gadjen – Go Ava!!!
Juley Ness – All about Anna in ‘Bama!! Go North Girls’ Soccer!
Susan Riordan – Have a great season!
Jeff Friedlund – GO HUSKIES!!!
Donna King – Go Bella!!!
Dianne Dean – Go Bella!
Charles Self – Good luck Zoe!
Jake Fulcher – Have a great season, Huskies! Keep em out, Szabo!
Scott Schreiber – Beat MEMORIAL!! (and Castle)
Rhett Schreiber – Good Luck Anna! Go Huskies!