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North High School Fundraising Headquarters!

GoFundNorth is an online fundraising solution developed to help North High School programs raise crucial funding. Extra-curricular activities allow students to have well-rounded high school experiences, become more socially connected to peers, while developing a positive self image. Individuals that participate in school-related activities such as athletics, clubs and organizations are much more likely to achieve success beyond high school.

Time management is important to the success of students. With pressure to achieve in the classroom and in school-related activities, it is important that individuals are able to remain focused on their goals. The mission of GoFundNorth is to allow students to raise vital funds for programs efficiently: Maximize program funding with minimal interference with academics and activities.

GoFundNorth allows students to engage with family, friends and support networks by sharing information about their extra-curricular activities while also requesting their financial support through non-invasive tactics.

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