North Men’s Soccer Messages

Messages from Supporters

Angella Ungethiem: Go Huskies!
Jared Kocher: Go Huskies!!
Jennifer Will: We’re proud of you, Mase!
Jennifer Fox: You go, Mason! Best wishes for soccer success this season!
Debbie Beall: Brady, Grandpa and I are so very proud of you!!
Rhett & Amanda Schreiber: Go Huskies! Good luck this season!
Amy Streete: Go Huskies!
Amy Tempel: Go Huskies!
Theresa Maas: Go Huskies and good luck to Luke!
Frank Trovato: Good Luck Team And Coaches Praying for a Injury free season.
Stacey Haire: Go Team North!
Lana Powers: #HuskyNation! Keep up the hard work!
Jessica Weigand: Good Luck to Mason Will and the Huskies!!
Sean McKinney: Go Huskies! Keep playing tough each game!
Karen Anderson: Play your best!
Sue Kibby: Proud of those Huskies!